Modd.G Newness – Oct’10

Posted in modd.g store by moddishh gossipgirl on October 18, 2010

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long while but I’m excited and anxious to be back, Modd.G is reopened with a tonne of new releases&gifts, I’ve compiled most of them into this picture for your reference! Thank you for everyone who have been patiently waiting and asking me to make new things, i hope you won’t be disappointed :)! TP to Modd.G New Store!

(Left To Right on first picture)

#1 Modd.G Hair – Rachel, Modd.G Doillon Shirtdress Blue, Modd.G Cigarette Pants Grey, Modd.G Leather Tassel Bag – Brown/Red, Modd.G Jewelled Sandals Grey/Silver
#2 Modd.G Hair – Ivy *free for colour demo!*, Modd.G Mom’s Old Sweater Red, Modd.G Sweater Halter Grey, Modd.G Oversized Denim DBlue, Modd.G Elga Tote Black
#3 Modd.G Hair – Chelsea, Modd.G Lace Leotard Black, Modd.G But I’m A Scientist Shades *free opening gift!*, Modd.G Doll Shorts Blue, Modd.G Gift – Trix Sheer Socks *free opening gift!*, Modd.G Jewelled Sandals Brown/Gold
#4 Modd.G Hair – Callie, Modd.G Ulysses Trilby Hat Black, Modd.G Donna Slouch Sweater Grey, Modd.G Basic Denim Shorts Brown, Modd.G Fairisle Leggings Black
#5 Modd.G Hair – Stacey, Modd.G Ulysses Trilby Hat Pink, Modd.G Metallic Waisted Skirt Red Flared, Modd.G Fairisle Leggings Gold, Modd.G Una Sandals Brown
#6 Modd.G Hair – Bridgette, Modd.G Basic Boatneck Dress Green, Modd.G Elga Tote Brown, Modd.G Floral Cropped Skinnies Red, Modd.G Una Sandals Grey
#7 Modd.G Hair – Yvonne, Modd.G Mom’s Old Sweater in Cream, Modd.G Tamsin Dress Red, Modd.G Leather Tassel Bag

poses by Marukin,skin by My Ugly Dorothy,uncredited shoes by Hoorenbeek<3

Please drop by and get the freebies in store too! & remember to subscribe to my subscribo to keep updated :D thank you!

TP to Modd.G New Store!

moddishh gossipgirl

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