Modd.G Anabel Dress/Yulia Blazer

Posted in modd.g store by moddishh gossipgirl on December 4, 2010

Hey guys,

Modd.G is participating this week’s Stumblebum & Super Bargain Saturday, please note that while stumblebum lasts a week (4th Dec – 10th Dec), SBS is only one day (4th Dec).

TP to Modd.G

(Read below for info)

I’ve made a dress, exclusive for Stumblebum (see above), it will not be recoloured or resold in the future and is only available for one week — Anabel Dress, comes in 2 colours with the extra halo prop :) Also an exclusive pose pack for the dress. Come and test them out and be sure to grab them before they’re gone!

As for Super Bargain Saturday this week, I’m offering my unreleased Yulia Blazer in Black for 60L (see above), I will be releasing these blazer in the other colours in my store sometime next week.

Thank you for reading!

moddishh gossipgirl/Modd.G

TP to Modd.G


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