New Releases – Althea & Yulia

Posted in modd.g store by moddishh gossipgirl on December 10, 2010

2 new releases at Modd.G today!
TP to Modd.G

Yulia Blazer – from last week’s prerelease- now in 8 colours in store! & Althea Pompom sweater in 6 colours!

Modd.G is also participating in the Happy Holidays Hunt! My gift is Althea Pompom sweater in blue, remember that in this hunt, all gifts are 10L not free. The gift will be available til 31Dec then it will be taken down, don’t forget my Depraved Christmas hunt gift is also still out somewhere in my store, so look around for them too :)

In mind of this season’s gifting needs, all items in Modd.G are transferrable/no copy so you can gift from Modd.G to your loved ones! Happy holidays!

<3 M

TP to Modd.G



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